Happy Staff Mean Great Results

In any organisation, the biggest asset, and usually the most expensive, is the workforce. For the business to thrive, it is essential to get the very best from your staff, and the most economical way of doing this is to keep them happy.

There are many theories as to why happy staff equate to a productive business, and I will endeavour to expand on this by considering what I believe to be the five most obvious.

Job Satisfaction

Firstly, happy people find it easier to attain satisfaction with their job. This will invariably lead to a sense of accomplishment which allows them to feel really involved in the business. They will almost feel as if they have a personal stake in the enterprise, which, in turn, will motivate them to be more productive. This will give them greater satisfaction – and the whole process will begin again. This feeling of being involved, and the perception of having a vested interest in the company, leads employees to feel appreciated and encourages them to contribute more of themselves.

Positive Attitudes

Another crucial attribute of happy employees is their positive attitude, which generates optimism. Optimism can be very infectious. It will lead to much better cooperation and teamwork, and, inevitably, boost productivity. Communication skills will be improved, and this will inevitably result in a reduction of inter-staff and staff-management disputes.
If an employee is happy, the chances are that he will have a great deal of energy. This will, in turn, translate to enthusiasm and efficiency, both of these being very infectious. This will be yet another positive step towards optimum productivity. Enthusiasm and efficiency are the perfect fuels to increase performance.

Sick Leave

It is also reasonable to assume that a worker who is content with their working day is much less likely to go off on sick leave. Leaving aside real, physical ailments, there is no motivation to look for excuses to take the day off sick. He will be more than willing to be where he is most comfortable and fulfilled – at work.
My final argument in favour of the value of happy employees comes down to hard cash. These people are much more likely to stay in the job. The process of advertising for, and recruiting replacement staff is one of the most expensive exercises that any business will undertake. If you have contented, settled staff members, there is a good chance that this will not be a road you travel too often.
In conclusion, keeping your staff happy is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. It really is a win-win situation, with increased productivity, a better workplace atmosphere, and a drastically reduced staff turnover. Keeping your staff happy is a policy that should be implemented by every business owner – both for their own benefit and for the wellbeing of their staff.